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An overview of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services SCIS Mobility offers.


As with all architectural challenges, the design process begins with an understanding of what a client wishes to achieve with the structure. Once this goal is firmly established, SCIS embarks upon a thorough analysis of a business’ anatomy and needs, placing itself in the position of an end-user in order to precisely identify any potential pain points in the system.

With our analysis complete, SCIS sets about designing a tailor-made mobility system to achieve the client’s goals. With everything from devices to support platforms considered, not only will the design serve as an effective solution, but with future-proofing built into the system, the design will remain viable for many years to come.


When the analysis and design are complete, SCIS will have a comprehensive understanding of the environmental factors that dictate what specific hardware and software will be required. And with everything from device size and weight, to durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness taken into account, SCIS will handle the procurement of all necessary devices and peripherals.

Having SCIS manage this process removes the headache of a business having to deal with multiple hardware and software suppliers. Not only does this streamline operations, but in the constantly evolving technological landscape, a single management point makes the process of keeping a mobility system up to date far more efficient.


One of the main difficulties when managing a mobile ecosystem is keeping track of devices and their performance status. Given that mobile devices, by their very nature, tend to be dispersed across multiple locations, making sure that devices are in the right place and are well-maintained is vital to avoid downtime. 

SCIS provides a single access point granting real-time updates on device quantity, location, and status. With all inventory, replacements, and repairs handled under one roof, SCIS allows a client to concentrate more freely on running and growing their business.


Once the required devices have been procured, they undergo configuration. This process normally involves connecting devices to a carrier network, enrolling them into a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, ensuring all device settings, configurations and apps are loaded, then testing their quality and functionality. In addition to this, all device peripherals need to be tested also (cables, cases, headphones, etc), before the elements that make up a specific ‘kit’ are packaged with instructions ready for effective and quick use by their intended recipients.

SCIS handles the complete kitting of a system’s mobility devices, managing an organized and dedicated team trained in the configuration, testing, and packaging requirements of the devices and their peripherals.  



While SCIS handles your devices to complete initial setup and configuration, troubleshooting & repair, you need a way to manage your devices that are deployed in the field. SCIS is proficient with multiple leading MDMs, from SOTI to Jamf, that enable us to manage your devices remotely.

SCIS’s asset management system, ELLA, can tie in to your MDM to provide precise reports on device location, OS version, and more. We can also utilize the MDM to remotely push updates or troubleshoot device problems in the field.


Hand-in-hand with inventory challenges, the distribution, and tracking of devices once they are ready to be deployed can be a complex procedure. When dealing with large-scale deployments across multiple locations, it’s essential that the right device gets to the right person at the right location — and with the recent increase in the number of company staff working from home, this has only complicated the landscape further.

SCIS serves as a single hub from which all deployments can be effectively managed and monitored. From device allocation at work or at home right through to ensuring that full training and support in the device’s usage is readily available, SCIS makes the deployment process as streamlined as possible.


With multiple devices performing different functions across numerous locations, a master data management system is vital in order to avoid data silos and to create a set of global analytics that provide meaningful insight into the location and health of all equipment.

SCIS Mobility’s advanced asset management system, ELLA, provides real-time custom-built analytics, reporting, data-driven notifications, and alerts — allowing key stake holders to proactiveley monitor and react to changing inventory. ELLA quickly and easily provides clients with the vital telemetry needed to make essential business decisions. 

Help Desk & Support

As well-designed and reliably stocked as mobility solutions may be, tech problems are an unavoidable feature of any digital landscape. However, just because these problems are unavoidable, doesn’t mean they have to be damaging. With SCIS offering 24/7 US-based customer support, clients can get the help they need, whenever they need it via phone, email, or face to face.

Further to this, SCIS has forty offices across the US, which means we’re never too far away. With teams of experts at hand to offer mobile device support and quickly resolve technical issues, we can minimize your business’ downtime.  

RMAs & Repairs

Not only are out-of-warranty devices expensive to repair, but the effort needed in order to accurately map which ones are still under warranty and which are not, makes the entire area of device maintenance and repair a costly one for a business all around.

Fortunately, SCIS has an advanced repair center that handles this entire area quickly and cost-effectively. From return merchandise authorization (RMA) to replacements and repairs, SCIS handles device care and maintenance under one roof.

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